Tuesday, February 7, 2012

summer sick

I am sitting at my table and my son is moaning. Of course he is doing homework so he is normally moaning.
Then he states that "I am sooooo summer sick." "What is summer sick?" "Just like home sick only sick for summer."

I agree. I was looking through my photo albums and seeing the shorts and the beach! This morning as I was digging for matching socks I declared that I cannot WAIT for flip flops and sandals. When I was digging in the attic the other afternoon, I ran across our summer box. Filled with items I so heartbrokenly packed up months ago.

But this warmer weather and birds chirping give me hope. During a team meeting at school, where we were talking about March and April things, I smiled. Soon, my friend soon,

Sooner than we think we will feel the sun hitting our skin. Grass tickling our feet and pool water splashing. Breathing in the warm, fresh air and just enjoying life.

Summer sick indeed.

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