Monday, February 13, 2012

It all begins and ends with the socks

I am a working out of the house mom. I have four-soon to be five- children ages 7 and under. Yes, I am busy. Yes, I have my hands full. Please don't ask me how I do it cause I don't have an answer for you. I went to the Dr the other day and she asked me if this was my first baby. "No, my fifth." "Fifth? do you work?: "Yes, I am a teacher."  Her medical advice? "You should sleep. A lot. Like right should be sleeping."

Now, no misunderstanding. I adore being a mom to all of my kids. I chose this life and believe I am blessed beyond what I deserve for sure. I also choose to work. I love my job (on most occasions) and I love how full, busy, and crazy life is. I would not change a thing.

With that disclaimer up front-I wish I had more time. To do what? Fold socks. Every mom has her thing. And mine seems to always begin and end with the socks. In a large family, we generate a lot of dirty socks. 6 people times two feet = 12 socks a day. On most weeks I try really hard to do laundry twice a week. Honestly, by the time my first "work day" is over and I am getting the kids or coming home to the husband and kids, I can't sort socks. Food is priority and so I cook and clean up. I do homework. Lots of homework. We talk a little. Play a little. Do baths and bedtime. I go to my room and check papers.  Pass out. Rinse and repeat. Sometimes that leave only Saturday to wash the socks (and everything else). 12 socks times 7 days =84 socks.

Don't even get me started on matching and putting away. Really I need to find more time. Nothing and I mean NOTHING makes my mornings more manageable that each child having matching socks. Mommy not digging through the sock basket. Oh, the glorious moment when the sock drawers are all full!!

Why blog about my socks? Cause it sometimes it is the little things in a full full life. Like clean socks, cereal I like in the cupboard, or hot water in the shower. Or sometimes it is the big things like hearing "everything is perfect" at the baby doctor, hearing "mommy, u make me so happy" when I walk in the door, or my school kids shouting "Mrs. Demi! Thank goodness you are back!" after only being gone a day and a half.

You know what else is a good day? When I say forget it, and go to walmart and buy each kid a pack of new socks! Matched and clean for at least 6-10 days (depending on the pack.) oh, yes. Living the dream.

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  1. I feel your pain! As a mom of 5 I've been inspired to write more than one post about socks!