Thursday, January 12, 2012

What is for dinner? Chocolate!

I am eating chocolate for dinner.

Spaghetti is made mind you. Scott even made homemade meatballs. But Scott has been on line with Verizon for over an hour and 15 minutes trying to figure out why my new phone won't connect to the Internet. So I wait for him to feed the kids. And the chocolate was staring at me. Actually it was in the shape of a firetruck.  

Normally I don't eat such a lavish supper. But it has been a rough week. School-work has been rough. Things just not working out the way I plan. I have been sick (again). Disappointing when I was doing so well for that...week. Will is throwing up with the stomach flu and the poor kid still has pain from his surgery. I still (still) can't catch up from Christmas/Will being sick/me being sick. Did I mention my Christmas tree is still up? Good thing we got an artificial one this year.

Just feeling run down I guess. January is my least favorite month with February coming in at a close second. I hate the cold. The dark. The yuck.

Nothing is tragically wrong. I will live to write another day. But since I can't have wine by golly I will eat chocolate....for dinner. I may have ice cream later too. If I can stay awake.

ps- I did also eat some spaghetti and I took all of the stuff off of my tree. See? Forward progress....

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