Friday, January 27, 2012

Ending on an up note

It has been a long week. Very long. Three out of the four kids have been down and out with the flu and strep. :( AND then Scott and I got sick. I ended up with a UTI, sinus infection, ear and throat a mess, and did I mention my back is out?

Let's look on the positive shall we?
This is William's spelling test for this week! Spelling is such a struggle for him (He gets it honestly! I HATE spelling!) But this is the second straight week he has gotten 100%. So proud of him and working hard! AND he brought his AR book home to read this weekend.

Bella is still not sick! No fever. No cough, snot, or anything! woo-hoo

I told Scott tonight that I was in the mood for chocolate. He didn't know what I wanted so he bought me one of everything.

I left my favorite for last. This is my husband. Do you know what he is doing??? Scrapping the horrible trim off of my bedroom wall. Then he is going to paint my bedroom. Hooray. We are going to have a new bedroom! After the paint, we are buying a new bedroom suit, and I am looking for a new comforter set. Sometimes happiness is just a coat of paint away. Or a really good antibiotic. Either will do this lovely Friday.

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  1. Yay for the bedroom make over. We did that this last summer and I LOVE it! Sorry you are all sick. :( Get better soon. I think the chocolate will help. ;)