Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Dear Angel Face,

I went to my 15 week appointment yesterday. I laid down on the table. Nervous as always. My measurements were "perfect" the dr said. He then got out the doppler to hear your heartbeat. My heart caught in my throat for a minute. Right away we found you. "Baby is being very cooperative today," the dr smiled. "The heartbeat sounds perfect."  "It sure does."

Truly you are my miracle. I know every life is a miracle. A blessing. I have to say with you, I see things differently. It wasn't like I hadn't know others with loss. Family and friends who I have prayed for and cried with. But you see, another friend lost her angel this past weekend. My heart broke again. Another sweet angel in heaven.

We prayed for you before you were ever here. We hoped and wish that we were pregnant. I took about 10 tests but no baby that month. I was so disappointed. The next month I didn't test a second before I knew it would be a for sure yes or no. And it was....a yes.

Mommy's stomach and other health issues were not so great, so the doctor ordered an ultra sound. Daddy and I waited for the ultra sound woman to say something. She turned the screen to us. Pointed to a flicker and said that there you were. "All there really is to see is a heartbeat at this point." I of course was crying "That is plenty." And at Mommy's 10 week appointment Mommy held her breath when the dr first found your heartbeat again. Listening to the steady rhythm I lifted up a prayer of thanks.

You will always be my miracle. You will always be my angel. You will always be my child, my baby. You were from the moment I knew you were coming.

Love always and forever,


  1. Are we finding out the gender? I remember Isaac's heart beat checks--we got to go to the last 8...my own heart was in my mouth waiting and wondering if it would be there...and now he is, and I still worry!

  2. So sweet! Sounds like this little miracle will be born into a lot of love! So glad to hear the pregnancy is going well!