Monday, January 9, 2012

Can't we all just get along?

I am a Pittsburgh Steeler Fan. I watch the game and cheer my heart out. I wear my jersey and my Steelers Santa hat. Of course I was watching as my champions played the Denver Broncos in the playoffs. And in case you have not heard, my boys lost. Of course, I was disappointed. But life goes on and next year will come. And me and my terrible towel will be ready.

But what really drives me crazy is the reaction of some people. Steelers are our hometown boys. I understand if you don't like football. Or if you root for another team for whatever reason. A player you follow or your family has always liked that team. Ok with me. But why would you purposefully root against the hometown team just to see them lose? Why make rude and unnecessary comments just to upset the people around you?

I check facebook and see all of these nasty statuses. I have always told my kids there is a difference between rooting for someone and rooting against someone. You can cheer for your team but don't boo the other. It just shows poor sportsmanship. I certainly won't jump all over your team. Point out the mistakes they made. After the game, I shook my head, but that was that. Certainly I didn't get online and start to attack Denver or anyone who was rooting for them.  Certainly I won't tell anyone "boo-hoo" who was yelling and screaming and rooting for their team.

I guess the whole thing might seem silly to some, but I think it is just a ridiculous thing to get so immature about. I plan to root for Denver next weekend. I also plan to continue to teach my kids that it matters how you treat people all the time. What comes out of your mouth matters. Everytime.

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