Friday, December 30, 2011

A break to remember

"Life is what happens to you when you are busy making plans"
John Lennon

Tuesday night I was planning out my week. Laundry, cleaning, and picking through  up from Christmas. Scott brought William home early from wrestling practice because he was not feeling well. He crawled up into bed with me and had his hand on his side. I asked where it hurt and he pointed to his right side. I looked at Scott and asked if we should take him to the hospital. With a shrug from him and not wanting to look like a crazy mother *again*, I did what any Mother of the Year would do. I gave him some Tylenol PM for children to help the pain and help him sleep.

At 3 am when he was now crying in his sleep and gasping for help, I believed we may have a serious problem.  Finally he fell asleep. I crumpled into bed after 4:30. Will woke up at 8 o'clock screaming again. Guess it is time for the dr.

When we went in to see the dr, I thought that he was seriously constipated. And of course gave my professional mothering opinion to the dr. To which he replied, "I am almost positive *big dramatic pause* that he has appendicitis." Where I then jumped out the chair I was sitting in and screamed "What? What do we do?" He told us to go directly to the emergency room. As I gathered our stuff I asked if I need paperwork. "No," he told us, "just go."

So we did. William, prone to worry in the first place asked what was going on. I told him his belly was sick and they will have to make it better. After hospital number 1 inspection we were told we needed transfered to hospital #2. After I asked if we needed a CAT scan the dr replied " I don't want to take that time." To say I was a wreak by the time Scott, Will, and I hit the room at hospital #2 would be quite the understatment. No crying in front of Will I just kept repeating to myself. Surgeon came in and said he would be taking him right up. He could feel it quivering under the skin and his white count was going crazy.

I dressed my son in an adult hospital gown and held his hand until it was time to be wheeled into the operating room. And when I waved and so did he we went to wait....for the longest 50 mintues ever. I know it is a simple procedure, Will is young and healthy, and chances are that everything will be great. But on December 28th, I never like to look at my chances of anything.

When the dr came out, I caught my hand quivering. He said he had done a great job. He was resting and we could go see him. When I went into see my baby he had oxygen on his face and so very pale. But the nurse assured me that he was comfortable.

The two days that followed were long and blurred. Thank God for my family that kept my three youngest. Truly this is a feat. All three of them from Wednesday until Friday? That is two nights for those counting. While I know they were in wonderful hands, I helped William reach for his cup, tip toe in the hallway, and give him apple juice in a straw. My heart broke when he cried from pain and I barely slept for two days. Probably a combination of sleeping in a recliner chair and waiting to hear him whisper mommy are you up? becasue he couldn't talk without it pulling. STILL having all day pregnancy sickness and my nervous stomach/IBS a mess.

Not that I am complaining. All I could think was thank you God that I am sleeeping in a reclinder next to my healthy breathing child. Thank-you God that I have this opportunity to miss lunch because I don't want to leave him alone.Things can always turn out differently. 

 I have heard the saying that having a child is like having your heart walking around the outside of your body. As I laid in the dark, begging God to take away his pain, I thought about what a high cost having kids really is. And I am not talking Christmas and College. Without question I would give my life for my kids. I would take their pain in an instant. I just wish I could build a bubble around them. Protect them from sickness, pain, and disappointment. Then my prayer went to mothers and fathers of children who are so very very ill. Some who would leave the hospital without their baby. How unfair life can be. When I think of all I have, I am so blessed.

Thank-God I took Will when I did. Thank-God things had not progressed. Thank-God for hospitals that get the job done. Thank-God for family who help in times of crisis. Thank-God for healing.

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  1. Thank you for the lovely comment on my blog! Your first line of your post is one I quote very often for it is so very true!