Sunday, October 9, 2011

Staying in Motion

     I have been sick. And I have done what all Mommies do when we are sick. Push on! Take dayquil! Do...not....stop...moving....least you stop altogether. You know the physics principle objects in motion stay in motion. UNTIL something acts upon a sinus infection from the depths of hell.
     I have a fairly packed schedule. As we all do. Last Wednesday I had an appointment with a chiropractor. They took some scans and such. The dr asked if I thought stress was an issue with my headache and digestive issues. Could be. He asked me to rate my stress. Does it go up and down or stay pretty steady. Steady, as I am tapping my foot. All I can think about it that my youngest son's soccer game is starting in an hour and a half. Must get out of here. The doctor must have realized my impatience. He set down the big binder that was on his lap onto the stand and gave me a long lecture about stress and its effects on the body. Okey-dokey.
     I had been dragging all week. Falling into bed and sleeping like I was dead. Fighting a headache that wouldn't quit. Finally, on Saturday I had to take the baby to the dr. She was up a lot the night before and I had a feeling it was an ear infection. Thankfully husband was off, so he took the three to soccer while the baby and I went to the dr. I thought about being "seen" myself. Then talked myself into believing that I was fine. Just tired. Baby had an ear infection.
     After soccer and lunch, we all headed out to shop. We had to get costumes, since the Halloween stuff is already being cleared away to make room for Santa's and lights. DON'T even get me started on that one. As we were leaving the store, William began to scream about his ear. Back to the Medwell we go. On the way there, I was curled up in my seat, moaning about how bright the sun was. When we pulled up, I finally decided to be seen. Well, Scott decided that I needed to be seen.
     The dr looked into my ears. "You have a lot of fluid in here. Are they bothering you?" I shrug. He looked into my throat. "Stuff is pouring back there. Is your throat bothering you?" "I guess." He then started to feel around my face. Apparently, I have quite the sinus infection. Which he gave me quite the antibiotic for. Wow...did I get sick with that one.
     Today I feel awful still. But thankful for medicine. Thankful I went in and had it looked at. Thankful that my wonderful sister Patty and boyfriend Don took the kids to the pumpkin patch.