Monday, August 1, 2011


Campin' I getting old or what?

I used to love this stuff. To be honest maybe it is not so much old as taking 4 small children and a husband who loves to burn stuff with me. Not just any small children but MY children. Will who freaks out at the thought of a bug. Did you know that there are A LOT of bugs at camp? Rachel who wore her black velvet dress the first half of the trip and then was not too happy because I didn't pack her anything PRETTY. And there is Luke.....Luke. Who thinks he is "big now mawwwwm." Therefore can take off for anywhere he wants WITHOUT telling me, can cook his own flaming marshmallow (He likes them burnt, mawwwwwm), and he just wanted to see what would happen if he opened the umbrella and put it over the teke torch. BTW who needs 3 teke torches at a camp with 4 kids? Bella. All the world is her campsite. Sit still?? Why mother dear, with your broken foot, what fun would that be?

You know what really kills me about camping? Dirty fingernails. My camping prep is cutting all of the kids fingernails and toenails. There is dirt everywhere. I guess I just can't see sleeping in a sleeping bag when I have a bed down the road. My husband tried to explain it to me.

"Why are we here?" Scott- "Cause sleeping outside is fun." "Ummmm..yeah. What is fun about this?" Scott- "I don't know. It just is." I drew the line when they were calling for flash flood and tornado warnings. We slept at home that night.

With ALL that being said, I did have some fun with the family. We went for ice cream. I got to lay in the hammock. Love that thing. The kids seemed to have a blast. They enjoy dirt. Even Rachel was ok with it after she decided that bugs don't like dirty skin they like clean skin. When it rained, we played games in the camper. We made mountain pies and smores. It is nice to get away together. Of course, I slightly prefer a place who makes my bed while I am away, but then again a bed in general would have been nice! But we have plans to do it again in a couple of weeks. **Pray for me**

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