Wednesday, March 2, 2011

swing sets and unicorns

On the way to Grammy's this morning we were driving past the Carrolltown graveyard....
Rachel- Why can't we go look at the stones?
Me- We can. Those are the stones that people put up to remember people who went to heaven.
Rachel- I want to remember Pappy.
Me- Yes, but Grammy doesn't like the stones. She wants us to remember Pappy in our hearts.
Rachel- Where is he?
Me- In Heaven with Jesus. In heaven where no one is ever sick or sad. Everything is wonderful.
After a few moments...
Rachel- Do you think there are swing sets in heaven?
Me- I think so.
Rachel- What about unicorns? Will Jesus have a unicorn?
Me- Maybe Rachel.

I used to never really think about heaven. Because heaven I associated with good-byes more than hellos. I knew what the Bible said about it. Really though, no one I was ever super close to had passed away. It is sorta like giving birth, if you will. People can tell you what it is like but not until you experience it can you truly know what it is like. You will never know what losing a parent is like until you do.

From time to time, I look into the sky and smile. I think more about heaven now. Wonder what it will be like and who we will see. What we will do. Will we play on swing sets or play with unicorns. Maybe because now I think that heaven will be more about hellos than goodbye.


  1. I am sobbing, Theresa...THANKS A LOT!!!! Beautiful post.

  2. I always love reading your posts. Very touching.