Sunday, November 7, 2010

My kids

While we are trying to teach our children all about life,
Our children teach us what life is all about-
Angela Schwindt
I have tried several times to start typing about how thankful I am for my children, but each time I begin, I can't finish. I delete. I can't start. Because how can I put into words how truly grateful I am that God has placed these beautiful people in my life? That I could be trusted enough to hold this precious life in my hand? No words can express my gratitude.
Sometimes I look at them. Really look at them. I listen to William laugh and draw everyone in. Then he demonstrates how he can burp the entire alphabet with only one drink of water! I can see Rachel wrapping her arms protectively around her baby sister at a baby shower filled with people she doesn't know. Walking down the steps, covered in eye shadow and asking me what I think. I hear Luke saying "I wike (like) you mommy" and crawling on my lap for a story. Bella opening and closing her little fists and reaching for me. Laying her head down on me in her special place as I dance with her.
I get to keep them? Only for a little while. With this great blessing comes such responsibility it literally brings me to my knees. What will they remember? Will they know to always trust in God? Will they always be able to come to me with any question or problem? Will they always know they were my angels on earth? I guess only if I tell them. Each and everyday.
I am thankful for my kids.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


My husband.
I am thankful for my husband.

Because he thinks and tells me I am beautiful no matter what.
Because he brings me coffee when he knows I need it.
Because he puts the kids in bed.
Because he prays for me.
Because he asks me what would make me happy.
Because he works hard to provide for our home.
Because he gets me a drink or medicine or whatever I ask for in the middle of the night.
Because he lets me have the heater on in the van even though he hates it.
Because he says get whatever you need.
Because he says I love you all of the time.
Because he leaves me little notes or messages.
Because he packs my lunch.
Because he brings me flowers.
Because he tells me that I am needed.

Blessed beyond measure.

Monday, November 1, 2010


Each morning out principal gets on the speaker and gives us his "daily words of wisdom." Today he told a very powerful story. To paraphrase, a man was upset because he did not have shoes. On his walk toward town, he saw a man sitting along side the road who was play the most beautiful music. He began to dance. He called out to the man playing the music "why don't you get up and dance with me?" The man sitting replied " I would love to, but you see I have no feet." Actually, this was the second time we heard the story. When our principal was absent last Friday, the secretary had read this one already. But as I told the my kids "looks like we needed to hear that message one more time!"

Thankfulness. Thanksgiving (my 2nd favorite holiday). To take time to look at what you have and look away from all of the "wants" and "longings" we seem to focus on everyday. Many of us spend time tallying everything we don't have. When we start looking toward what we do have, a peace of heart, a gratefulness falls on us.

Today I am thankful for the one who first put the beat in my heart. To my God who loved me before I was ever formed in my mother. The one who sent His one and only Son to the cross for the sins I would make. To my Savior who loves me when I am unlovable. To the God who casts my sins as far as the east is from the west.

I am thankful for my Jesus, my God, and the gift of the Spirit the dwells within.