Tuesday, September 14, 2010

and so goes it...

We are half way through the third week of school. The THIRD week of school.

It seems that when fall hits, the world begins to spin out of control for awhile. At least in my house. I return to my full time teaching gig and the kids return to school/daycare. Soccer, dance, scouts begin. My calendar is covered in red pen. Doctors appointments and choir. Finishing up summer while dancing into autumn.

While these are all good things, sometimes important things can get pushed aside. Quiet moments. Reading a good book. Writing down the beautiful and wonderful clips of life. I found myself thinking, I should write about that. I need to jot that down so I remember. And then I forget.

Like the night before his first day of FIRST grade William told me that he had a funny feeling in his tummy. He said "I think I am hungry." I told him no I think he was nervous. Then he said I think you are right and he asked why things just can't stay the same. I smiled and gave him a hug. Knowing more than he does how fast time will fly.

Rachel had her first "girl" fight at daycare. It seems when Rachel entered the scene another little one wasn't too happy. The other girl thought she would be the boss. No worries though. Rachel told me that she simply told the girl that when Rachel is not around she can be the boss. But when Rachel is there...well, that is a different story.

Luke is now in the pre-school class at daycare. He is writing letters....writing letters. In the three weeks of school, I am proud to announce that he has been in time out only once! And if you know my little ball of excitement you would rejoice too. He is my sweetheart though. As I lay on the couch, crying in pain (more on that) he came over and laid his little hand on me. "I will pray for you mommy."

And did I mention that my Isabella is turning one next week. I was standing in front of the ice cream case today (don't judge me) and thought I should buy this now for Bella's birthday. And then I thought BIRTHDAY. And my eyes got real foggy real quick. Cause she is my baby. My baby. Did I mention about time passing so very quickly.

Scott has gotten a new title at work. Instead of a GUP 2, he is now a GUP 1. No I don't know what he does. I think it is top secret. Or so stinkin' complicated that I can't follow him from point a to point b. You gotta keep it simple, like "I teach kids to read." See, simple.

And I, my friends, am heading into surgery. The whole withering in pain thing? I am having my gall bladder removed. Next Friday. Scott is off already and I also have my sub lined up. Nothing to do but a million pre-op appointments and phone calls.

Let's try and keep in touch, k? Cause I saw my first tree filled with nothing but red leaves today. Time-she is a moving.

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