Friday, April 2, 2010


I took Bella for her 6 month shots today. She didn't get poked because she has a sinus infection but I did! I had to get some more blood work done. Now here I am with a mountain of laundry. I SHOULD get caught up on that. But to be honest there is always tomorrow. I am getting the children dressed and we are going to the park.

I went running (ok walk/jogging) yesterday. My sister says jogging is actaully an addictive behavior. Seriously? People like to feel like this? But if I am nothing I am stubborn. Ask my husband. He will tell you ALL about it. So I going to continue. I want to be good at it. Well not like run a marathon good but not want to die. That being said I want to go again today.

Off to enjoy the sun...

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