Sunday, April 25, 2010

All dressed and still can't make it

This is the third time this week where I have put on my work out clothes and have not gotten to work out. I am really really trying to get healthy. Although the bonus of losing weight is great too, I want to be "healthy." My goal was to start to become a runner. And I was really enjoying it- back when I got to run.

Because of Scott's schedule I can only go when he is home. Well, I used to be able to run on my treadmill too-until it died on me. That was one of the days I was dressed. And let's face it, a lot of times getting dressed and ready is half the battle. Once you start you just do it.

Then today I was going to try and go before Scott went to work. But I have a killer headache. When he laid down to take a quick nap I thought I would close my eyes for just 5 minutes and then go. I opened my eyes 20 min later and it was too late to go. Not to mention my head was killing me anyway.

Not such a great start to the week. And since this is "double dance" week, I have to take Rachel Tuesday and Wednesday. So I don't know when I am going to fit it into my schedule. It is hard to become a runner when you never have time to run.

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