Sunday, March 7, 2010

when momma's sick

Luke was the first to puke. Then Thursday when I called after work, Scott said Rachel were throwing up. Then William. That night poor little Bella was throwing up. So I slept in Will and Rachel's room with Bella beside me. Will puked all night long, and Bella twice. Around 4 a.m. I knew it was coming.

Horrible, terrible. Pain in the stomach and back. Throwing up. Thank goodness Scott was off. Then of course, Scott got it. So we have been quite the sight over the last couple of days. So today when I woke up out of my sick induced haze- wow! Dishes are overflowing, clothes are littering the floor, Bella has 3 diapers left, no chocolate milk powder (gasp), and we are down to 1 gallon of milk. Plus, William needs his birthday treat for tomorrow in school and I have to fill out his invitations for his party next weekend. Don't even get me started on that cleaning extravaganza!

Today is a busy day. If I can only find the floor!

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