Wednesday, March 3, 2010

what a night- take 2

Bella fell asleep! Excellent. So I laid down. I was awakened by the voice of my sweet 2 year old. Actually he was screaming like his bed was on fire. I got up and went to get him. I opened the door and flipped on his light. Puke...everywhere. From the hours of 1- about 3:30 and a little bit again after 5 for fun, I was holding a sick child and then cleaning up puke. And then got up for work. Call off you say? Scott was home. So I went. After I dropped a gallon of milk on the floor that slipped out of my mostly asleep hand.

No worries. I stopped at Sheetz and got the breakfast of champions. Coffee! And then I came home to Scott having made dinner. And now I am going to bed super early. Weigh in tomorrow. Will I make the 10 pound mark??

P.S.- Rachel feels hot and Will don't look too hot. Yikes. Thank- God Scott is home.

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