Friday, March 26, 2010

Not for the squimish

The other night when Scott was on night shift Will was eating grapes with me. After he ate almost half a bag I told him he had to be done. He of course asked why and I said because you will get diarrhea if you eat too much fruit. To which he answered "You mean the one you write in?"

After wrapping my mind around that idea I asked "what the heck are you talking about? You don't write in diarrhea!" He answered "Yes you do. You write down all the things that happen to you." It took me a moment and then I said "oh you mean diary, not diarrhea!" "That is what I said." It all makes sense now.


In the car, a favorite game we like to play is eye spy with my little eye. Rachels turn and she says "I spy with my princess eye...." Now, I have said that at some point we may have to tell her that she really isn't royaliy to which her pappy Demi replied "Rachel you will always be royality to pappy." Which is so sweet....unless you live with her... ;)


Luke is now fully potty trained. Except for nights. But I said Luke "great job of peeing in the potty." He said "Now I get a car?" I was taken aback by my 2 year olds request until I figured out he meant a race car BED.


I saw Bella looking at something in her little hand while she was semi-crawling on the floor. I said Bella what do you have. She opened her hand. I kid you not. She had a pair of polly pocket shoes in her hand. What is it with my girls and shoes?

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