Saturday, February 6, 2010

snow day

Will- "Holy Guacamoly! We are never going to leave the house again!"
(after looking out at the mounds of snow this morning)
Rachel wanted a rock star tattoo on her. She had left overs from her Hann*ah Mon*tanna valentines. Scott goes to put the guitar on her arm. "Not there Daddy. Here." Right beside her belly button. Nice.
Scott put Luke down for a nap. Forgot he wears diapers to sleep. Will went to get him and came back saying "He is covered in milk." It wasn't milk.
Bella misses me so much she has to wake up every hour now at night to tell me so.
I went to Bi*Lo with my mom. I noticed I was limping. Actually I was limping all day. I just didn't take the time to look at my shoe. I looked. My heel was broken. I also don't have time to pee during the day. I think I also have a UTI...
BUT it is not all bad..... Scott took a personal day because of the snow. That was nice. Our taxes should be done on Tuesday. I bought some fabulous new jammies (that I am wearing now) at walmart. 3 people commented this week that it looks like I am losing weight.

So I am going to make myself (or convince Scott to) make me some tea and curl up on the couch and watch the boys play lego In*diana Jo*nes. That is a nice evening...

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