Monday, February 1, 2010

night shift...blah

I hate night shift. Yes, I still teach kindergarten. No we haven't started night classes. Scott works night shifts on occasion. And when he is on night shift I always get a new respect for single moms (and dads) out there. People often ask me (quite often actually) "how do I do it with all those kids?" And I answer them "with a good drink and a prescription refill." Just kidding. Calm down. But the truth is I could never do it without my mom and Scott. I will talk about how awesome my mom is another day...but right now I am complaining.

Scott does a lot with the kids when he is home. Dare I say, perhaps as much as me. Perhaps more at the actual bedtime. Plus there is the whole Rachel only listens to her "best friend." So I miss adult conversations. I miss the extra hand or two. And I am just plain grumpy. That being said I couldn't be more grateful for the job he has. He loves it. It rocks. And so I sleep alone tonight. Who am I kidding? I will be covered in children.

Tonight I made scrambled eggs and bacon for dinner for them. I on the other hand ate a healthy choice. Which wasn't too bad except for the nasty apple crisp. And man was I excited about the apple!

Now I am off to bath the kids, get in my workout video (day 15, 1/2 way! yeah!), shower, get them all in bed, and then work on work stuff. And try not to freeze! No coal fire when daddy is

ps- I went to walmart today and only spend 4 dollars!!! I NEVER go in there and spend less than my paycheck! ha!

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