Saturday, February 20, 2010

I stayed home

I go to work. All- the-time. So when my husband called on his way home from night shift on Friday morning and I told him I called off, he asked if I needed to go to the hospital. And I considered it. Thursday night I went to bed not feeling good. Then came the night of hell. I couldn't breath, I couldn't stand, I couldn't roll over. Thank-you sweet heaven that my mom had spent the night. Cause the next day, I just kept trying to sleep to escape the pain and the sick. I called the doctor and she said he wasn't in today. She must have heard the despair/death in my voice cause she said she would try to find him and get him to call something in. I had class today. And my chest burned and I was so tired, but I am cheap and I wasn't wasting 115 dollars. So I went.

In other news, Bella is rolling all over the place. She has also fallen to the bronchitis bug, and is now on her first anti-biotic. Will had to miss school on Friday cause I couldn't walk to the bathroom for crying out loud, forget getting him to the bus stop. Is "mom was dying" a valid school excuse? It hasn't snowed in 24 hours (knock on all the wood I can find).

Now I must go and sleep...oh wait...Scott is on night shift.. :(

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