Saturday, February 13, 2010


Childhood is a magical place. And when you spend that childhood with one wonderful friend, it makes it all the more full of joy. I had quite the best friend growing up. She was the one who I went puddle jumping with. The one I built castles in the sky with- ok it was a two story tree house but to us it was a castle. We learned how to ride bikes together and reinvented "glue" as mad scientists. As we got older our friendship changed. She was the one I called and cried with. We ate cheese cake until we thought we might puke. We laughed over our "horrible" childhood pictures.

As we got older, we went to different schools. Lost contact. Then we ran into each other again. And picked up where we left off. Telling stories of our unforgettable hometown and the people we loved there. And today she became a mom. A beautiful, strong, amazing mom.

I know that she will be the best mom. A loving mom. A mom dedicated to her kid (s) the same way she is dedicated to everyone she loves. I am so happy and proud of her. And I look at pictures of this new little treasure laying on his mommy's chest and think "how does my mud pie buddy have a baby?" And then I realize that I guess we aren't in Kansas anymore. We are mommies. We are grown ups.

To Joel. To his childhood. And may he find a friendship as wonderful and faithful as I have found in his mommy.

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