Saturday, September 12, 2009


All three of my kids have bronchitis. Will has asthma and almost was in the hospital over this one. The last couple of nights I have had NO SLEEP. I listened to Will breath, the next night I listened to Rachel. They sound like they have been running...and they are fast asleep. Last night I fell asleep when the 8 was the first number. I was so tired. But of course Will and Rachel climbed in bed. So I tossed and turned. At 7 a.m. Rachel reached up and knocked my glass of water right over top of my head. I wake up screaming "oh my gosh!" Husband does not move! Doesn't even crack his eye lids. If your 38 week preg. wife is saying oh my gosh and jumping out of bed...don't you think you should check. He SAYS he didn't hear anything!

School is busy...I am huge...nothing else to report. My doctor was on vacation this week so no appointment. I have one on Monday. Hopefully some good news. Other than that I think I better catch up on the weeks mess I just left go. Maybe that will kick something up!

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