Saturday, September 5, 2009

K- fun

no I didn't have time to up load my pics. And as soon as "icarley" wraps up it is bed time. So perhaps tomorrow. I did however get to walmart and have my hospital bag almost case anyone wants to make an appearance. But here is some K-fun for ya all.

Kindergartner "Mrs. Demi, what is wrong with your belly?" Mrs. Demi- " I am having a baby." Kindergartner- "Oh, why did you want to do that?" 2nd Kindergartner "Your belly gets bigger every single day!" ... Mrs. Demi "okay let's talk about the letter D."

Mrs. Demi- "Child's name, honey you REALLY need to stop throwing yourself into the wall. You are going to get hurt." Boy Kindergartner "I'll be ok." Another K student "Mrs. Demi, the reason I didn't hear you was because my ears are too small. Didn't you see the size of my ears?"

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