Sunday, September 20, 2009

as we wait

So....still nothing going on. Now, I am getting frustrated. My due date is this Thursday. At my appointment tomorrow I know the dr is going to schedule to see me in a week. Which will be the 28th. Past my date. Already I am going to ask him what the plan may be for the 28th. I know I am not into induction-pitocin=hell BUT I will be on maternity leave from work. What a way to waste good days!

I don't know how I will get through my day tomorrow. I will want to know what is going on??? Did I make ANY progress?? Give me some good hey you are like a 5- why don't you get over to that hopsital?? haha

And last night I was up in the middle of the night with a sore throat and now my ears are acting up. So I am drinking hot tea and it seems to be helping. A cold on top of everything else. I know I am complaining. I just feel yucky.

In other non-pregnancy related news (as if I can focus on anything else!)-

Work- is going really well. I am LIKING kindergarten. I have a great great group this year. And I sing with them, every morning. And we painted with a marshmallow- and I made up a poem- and put them in the hall. I know- I am quite the k-teacher!! But truly the improvement I see in them already is amazing. Kids are holding scissors and pencils correctly. They are getting the letters and sounds. I think I am getting why people like to teach kindergarten.

Scott- same old, same old. work, work. However, he bought us tickets to go see Brad Pai*sley next month. He has 3 days saved for when baby decides to come. He can't wait to use them!

The kids just got over a terrible bronchitis. Hit Will pretty bad. He had to miss 2 days of school. But they seem to be over it.

Will- Mornings are rough. He is not liking this all day for 5 days. He does love his friends there and his teacher says once he gets going he is fine. He comes home singing the songs and we are going over his stuff. He is loving soccer once again. He got some goals and does a great job at defense. He smiles the whole time!

Rachel- started dance and LOVES it. And she looks like a natural to me. She practices at home!! Up on her "tippy toes" and twirling. She looks so sweet all dressed up! She seems to be loving her 2 days of "school." I have to call and try to get her into a more full time thing next year. I really see that pre-school helps so much!

Luke- started to climb up the wrong side of our stair case- almost causing mommy to have a heart attack. He is always covered in bruises! He runs everywhere and AT everything. He always is saying "I am tough." Well, he sure is! I have done potty training off and on but really now is not the time.

And perhaps soon, I will have pics of our newest little Isabella...soon...

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