Sunday, June 21, 2009

To my hero

When I first met my husband, the first thing I thought was "wow- he is going to make a great dad someday!" uummmm.... Maybe not. My husband and I became friends in junior high youth group. He was one of the only boys there and he liked to annoy us all. He was like a really big pain in the butt brother. Like when he pushed me down in a DARK cave and thought it was funny. Threw gum in my hair at a youth dance. Stuck ice cubes in my sleeping bag- OK I did that first and it was funny. Somewhere along the way-perhaps story to be told later- we fell in love and one COLD January morning he asked me to marry him. Again, no real thought of parenthood ever crossed my mind.

Now, about this time I got sick. really sick. No one knew what was wrong with me sick. My doctor told me that he thought I had endometriosis and sent me to a gynecologist. I should have had my suspicions about this guy as he had about 4 gold chains hanging off his neck. He pulled out a picture of what he said was a "healthy" uterus. And then he pulled out a picture of a "diseased" uterus. This is what your looks like he told me. BUT he never actually ran a test or LOOKED at my uterus. My mom and dad were with me. We asked what this meant. He told me I probably wouldn't have children. I went home crushed. I cried and cried in the backseat of my dad's car. My dad was upset and my mom held onto tears.

And then I thought of Scott. I thought about how he played with every kid he came across. How wonderful he was with children. I couldn't do this to him. So I went to his house and told him I would not marry him. When I explained what the dr. had told me, he laughed. He told me the dr. was wrong and even is he wasn't, he would rather have me than kids anyway. yes, yes *awe*

However, fast forward and we find that I had a UTI that was left go. The infection moved into my blood. All I needed was a hospital trip and a month's worth of anti-biotics. So we got married. But I was still so worried that perhaps that chain wearing pimp-daddy doctor was right. We wouldn't have children. We were married on May 17th and I saw two pink lines on July 8th- Scott's birthday.

I believe after he jumped out of the shower to my screaming, his first words were "oh, cool." Later he would tell me that it was just a little scary. And scary it is! When William was born on March 6th 2004, the best daddy came to be.

My children adore their dad. Adore. Ask my Luke who his best friend is and he will tell you-Daddy. Rachel's hero is her dad and William will tell you that no one can play a video game like his dad. He plays with them. loves them. He pours the drinks at dinner and changes dirty diapers. He has held them when they puke and tickled them into hysterics. He works 12 hour shifts, sometimes while they are sleeping to provide for them. He has worked 30+ overtime hours and yet turned down shifts because he promised them he would take them to chuck-e-cheese. And today, what did he spend fathers day doing? Single handed putting up their brand new swing set. Which came in so many pieces my head spun.

And so although I may not have seen it in the beginning, I sure picked a good one. Happy Daddy's day to one of the greats. My dear Scott.

ps- Today marks 100 days until my due date. Scary indeed.....

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