Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A little....

girl. I went in for my ultra-sound today and was quite nervous. The tech called me back and as I laid there I prayed. I prayed everything was ok. The heart had 4 chambers. Growth would be on track. The tech was very quiet. Which made me all the more nervous! She asked me if I wanted to know the sex. Of course, I said. She told me that no guarantees but she should be able to tell. So after an eternity she called Scott back in.

She showed us the head first. Which is down and very low. Yeah-could have told her that! She said the brain looked great- Excellent. And then she showed us the kidneys and stomach. And then she asked if we wanted to know. Yep. Right there she pointed. See that line. It's a girl. Of course she said I can't be 100 percent. A penis could be hiding! hahahaha Plus she said my due date looked to be about September 24th from the 29th!!

So she will be Isabella Noel. Her head is down, and she weighs about 2 pounds 1 oz. We love her already.

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