Friday, June 19, 2009

Back from camp!

We had a lot of fun at camp. Will's favorite part was the pizza hut song and scooping up tadpoles. Really it was a nice time to get away and it be just me and him. He is such a great kid. Not that I am biased or anything. I have more to share on how God uses us when we feel like he def. couldn't but I am tired.

Why so tired. Well, when we got back from camp Will said that he wasn't feeling good. he was very busy at camp so I just figured he was tired. The next morning Luke had a drs. appointment. Luke has bronchitis. I knew he sounded rough! Then I made dinner and Scott came home and Will started to complain about his throat. An hour later he was screaming about his throat. When he started to throw up and have a high fever I was taking him to the ER. He fell asleep on the way there. He must have looked pretty bad because they moved us right through! His strep test came back positive! So the poor little guy is on meds and popsicles.

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