Thursday, June 11, 2009


I am 24 weeks preg. Hard to believe. I had a drs. appointment today. Heartbeat was good and all. I have a sonogram on the 24th. Hopefully we will be able to tell if we are having a little Bella Noel or a XXXX Paul. No boy first name yet. Paul is because my dad's middle name was Paul and Scott's dad's name is Paul.

I went grocery shopping and spent way too much money. Why is it that you can buy everything on sale and still spend too much?? I just kept grabbing stuff I thought would be easy for next week. Will and I are going to Mommy and Me camp and Scott will be home with the 2 little ones- alone! We will see how that goes!

I should be sleeping. But Scott is on night shift and I have a terrible time sleeping without him. The way his shifts rotate it is only 7 days a month but I was ready last night to have him quit and look for something full time daylight. I can't take it. I guess in a couple of weeks I will have a little night partner. Until then I am reading and watching stupid late night junk on tv.

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