Saturday, January 28, 2012

Make over

As I walked onto the porch I knew I was in trouble.The porch which I would refer to as "Freddy Krueger" drive was sagging, broken, and paint peeling. Did I mention it was a red brick house and the roof of the porch was painted pink?? The porch was, once upon a time, green. My husband thought the wrap around porch was amazing. We approached a (heaven help me) blue door. The sight seeing continued to included a room painted with white and pink stripes (uneven of course), a floor that could give you splinters, and a bright orange family room. I should mention I am only mentioning a few of the highlights.

My husband was sold. He told me that our future home had so much "potential." He could do so much with it. After moving in, we quickly figured out how hard it is to move from potential to wonderful. Lots of planning and work. We moved in 4 and a half years ago. We ripped off the porch thanks to some family help and repainted it brown. Redid the door, the floor, and painted almost every room. This weekend we are working on something I have been dreaming bedroom. The paint is an awful dark green and a ceiling trim that is worse. We are going to paint and then get a new bed set!

Last night, exhausted  from watching Scott work *wink*, I finished the book I had been reading. I looked over to my stand and say the book I had bought myself at Christmas. "Just Like Jesus"  by my buddy Max Lucado. I did read the first chapter. Then I got so nervous I put it down.

You see, in the first chapter it asks how your life would look if Jesus took over for a day. A whole 24 hours. Would you do anything different? Would you change the way you talked or thought? Would you take on different tasks and forgo others?

It made me nervous because it brings the question of how much does my faith influence my daily life? Of course I go to church, pray with my kids, make the fact that I am a believer well known. BUT what about in the little things? Do I still harbor a heart of worry? Do I still act in a way that I wouldn't if Jesus were standing there? Am I devoting my time to things that have an eternal impact?

What does this have to do with Freddie Kruger Ave? A make-over, be it a porch, bedroom, or person, takes a plan and lots of work. I thought last night how I wish a change of heart was taken care of as easy as a trip to the hardware store. Sure, it takes more elbow grease to paint trim than attack a bad attitude. But give me elbow grease over self control any day.

I, of course because I am me, begin to argue, whine, talk to God. I try. It is so hard. But do you see what THEY do? I kept reading and Max made quite the statement. It I am a believer I have it already. Jesus has already given me a heart like his. I just have to "tap" into that power. Flip the switch. Slowly. One step at a time.

A plan. To keep reading "Just Like Jesus" even when it makes me uncomfortable. Next step. How about applying a little of what I read. Lots of work? Absolutely.

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