Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Cause they didn't have computers when I was in school**

Scott- "Will you listen to me?"
Me- Looking up from book  "You were talking?"
Scott- looking at me with the death stare "Look at these phones and pick one. You said buttons on your phone don't work and your contract was up last month."
Me- "Pick me whatever."
Scott- "You can't just pick whatever. It is your phone. You have to look at the specs. This one has blah...blah...blah.." blah blah blah were not his actual words, but honest to heavens I couldn't make out what he was saying  Are you listening to me."
Me- "I don't know what you are talking about? I just want to call from it and text."
Scott- "But this one has blah mega bites and you can check your email."
Me- "unnecessary."
Scott- "This one you can video chat from."
Me- "unnecessary"
Scott "You can multitask from this one."
Me- "Necessary in life...not from my phone.
Scott- "This one."
Me- "That is huge! I am going to look like an idiot with that up to my ear!"
Scott- laughing (better than death stare)- "You use a blue tooth."
Me- "A what?
Scott- "A piece you stick into your ear to hear."
Me- "Does it have a cord? Cause I would look less stupid holding it up. And why is it called a blue tooth if it isn't blue and you stick it in your ear not mouth."
Scott- back to death stare- "No there is no cord. This one is smaller but it doesn't have a camera."
Me- "Then no way. I have to have a camera."
Scott- "That was not in your original list of demands."
Me- "I assumed that was implied."
Scott- really frustrated now or maybe he is just grumpy ;)  "This one has everything you want. And it isn't big. And it will be free for you without a mail in even."
Me-"uummmm....I don't know if I like how that one looks...."

**That isn't exactly accurate, but we didn't have one in my house until college. I typed up all of my high school papers on a typewriter. I am not a fan of change and technology is always changing. Too much to keep up with. And Scott likes this stuff. Another reason why we work. :)
ps-  I still don't have a phone yet

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  1. LOL! You sound like me and my DH! He is the technology savvy one in our relationship too. Although we had the exact same convo (only opposite) last night at Target when I tried to explain to him why we were getting each on-sale item of clothing for our daughter. I wanted him to have weigh in on the spending money on clothes decisions and he just couldn't do it. It was hilarious. I was laughing- He was looking at me like "can we leave yet? This is not fun." I, however, was having a ball. :)