Saturday, February 26, 2011

An added bonus

One of the things that my husband picked up when we went to the Weekend to Remember conference is the idea that we need a budget. Apparently, when the men got together for their session they filled his head with all kinds of crazy ideas. For example, ordering coffee online is not a staple. Or saving money can be like a game. Yeah like scrabble....I hate that game.

So we come home and Scott bought a computer program and apparently we are now on a budget. March is apparently the "tracking" month. We were suppose to make predictions and then try and meet them...and blah blah blah. I was checking my facebook when he was explaining.

Since I mainly do all of the banking, Scott was a little surprised when evil little computer program spit out that we spend an obscene amount on "convenience" foods. To be honest I have been convicted in this area for awhile. I actually enjoy cooking but I never seem to have the time. But cooking my own meals would SAVE us money. See it is like a game! sigh......

I decided that this would be my own "tracking" month. I am going to start planning meals and I found a lot of great slow cooker recipes online which will help on days where Scott and I are both working.

If you have any budget tips or recipes, feel free to share. You know, like a game.

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  1. So...when I read this I TOTALLY giggled! Weekend To Remember is a GREAT weekend, and coming home and instituting what we learned brings back fond memories for me! Another great way to have fresh meals is buying meat in bulk and package it in meal size portions in the freezer, not having to handle the meat, but just placing in fridge night before to thaw and plunk in the slow cooker or to cook it up that night is a time saver big time for me! I also like to make more than we need and freeze leftovers enough for another meal - especially soups/stews! Blessings to you!