Saturday, June 23, 2012

2 weeks

I am now 2 weeks from my due date. 2 weeks...14 days. I am 38 weeks. SIGH....

If you have ever been pregnant and if you have every been a runner, you can easily see the comparison. The beginning of the run so exciting and refreshing, pushing through the middle, and then approaching the end. The end. You know when your legs are burning, you want to puke, and you just want to crawl into your house and be done? Yep...exactly like that.

I flip between being impatient to full on panic mode. I laughed and told my sister, you know IT (the pain) is coming. Like waiting for a hammer to drop...a few hundred times. But of course I can almost picture my little boy and of course it makes it ALL worth it in an instant.

What to do the 2 weeks before you have a baby?

1. Sneak lots of chocolate into your hospital bag. I remember after I had Bella I wanted chocolate so bad. And cranberry juice. I actually drank all the cranberry juice they had in the nurses station. But I had no chocolate. Will not be a problem this time.

2. Spend a crazy amount of time on picking out YOUR coming home outfit. Let's face it. I could bring Nicholas home in a potato sack cloth and he will be adorable. Me? I need something I can pull over me (unlike William's birth...shudder). Something I will put on and not want to run crying into the bathroom. I have three different choices in my bag.

3. Answering your 2 year old 100 times a day if baby Nick came out. "Does it look like he came out?" "No." "Do you see baby Nick?" "No." "Then I guess he is still not here." Like answering the age old annoying question...Are you still pregnant? Actually, I love being huge, swollen, uncomfortable, and sick so much, I have decided to stay pregnant forever.

4. Pray that every twinge in your back is dilating something, somewhere.

5. Switching between praying that every twinge is the start of labor...and then hoping it is not. OK- at this point, mostly hoping it is

6. Driving your husband crazy with every ouch you mutter. No it is not labor. Trust me, dear, you will be the first to know

7. Find ways to distract yourself. Like plan a camping trip. Yes when you are one and a half weeks until your due date you should buy a camper and go camping. Hey, what could go wrong?

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