Monday, January 23, 2012

I have been hanging out in all the wrong places

     For a week, Luke has been sick. Temperature has been up and down. Figured it was the flu and it would pass. Sunday morning at 5 am Luke crawled into bed beside me and instant furnace. I took his temp. 104. I of course then called Scott who was driving home from night shift. We decided to give him Tylenol and then see. By the time Scott was home his temp was down to 99.
     He seemed fine all day. Playing around. Around Four o'clock Luke came and crawled onto my lap and said he was tired. He fell asleep and I took his temp. Still 99. Two hours later he was on fire again. Woke up with a temp of 104.3. Off to the ER we go. I am really getting tired of the inside of a hospital!
     After an icy ride to the hospital, a doctor who scared the tar out of me by saying "we can't see anything physically wrong and it isn't normal for a child to have a temp this long. We need to do a whole spectrum of tests", and half way through the NFC championship game, we found out Luke had strep throat. Good news really. Better than the stomach cancer I had been envisioning after conversation with said doctor.
     When we went to pick up the kids at my moms, we heard that William was sick. Temp of 102. Today he missed school and went to the doctors to get his meds. Tonight....Rachel sick and sleeping for the last two and a half hours. Temp....almost 102. Bella is still holding steady. As well as Scott and I. I figure I will get it on Wednesday when Scott has to go back to work. Yep, I'll be sick and alone with the kids. it not enough that you cost me WAY too much money in heating bills, you are cold and wet, you are dark and dreary....but must you bring the never ending string of sickness with you?
     55 days until spring. But who is counting?

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  1. Oh no! Those high fevers freak me out. I'm so happy that it was just strep but so sorry it is spreading through your home like wildfire. I have been using lysol wipes on everything this winter. Kids are dropping like flies at school. So far, we have steered clear of most of it but I'm just waiting for the next winter bug. I'm reading for some nice weather and open windows! Hope everyone is feeling better soon.