Sunday, August 28, 2011

We were campin'

Things I learned this camping trip....

1. If you brush your teeth with hand sanitizer, it stays with you all day. No gum or breath mint can help.
2. Thunderstorms and camping with 4 children (and a dog) make for a very long day.
3. Don't assume "oh they can wear that more than once" or for a few hours...
4. Luke should have ice cream in a bowl not a cone.
5. Will likes hammocks...a lot.
6. Do not give Luke a rock...cousins get stitches
7. Rachel still wears a dress everywhere. Even in muddy, rainy campin' weather. And if you try to talk her out of it, she will glare
8. Bella will disappear if your gaze wonders even to the fire and back. Usually though if you find David you find her
9. My husband and BIL may start a scooter club. Sorta like bikers only they ride pink scooters and pick up old women.
10. I actually had fun...perhaps we will go again.

BFFs for life

Me and my baby boy Will

Andy and Faith saving the day by killing the bees.

Hanging on the hammock

The glow thingie Daddy gave her

The twins...Luke and David

Our crew

Jenn loving the book

Rain rain go away!

Yep...Andy built a zip line..oh another thing I learned. Don't invite host's daughter to campsite if you intend to climb high into trees and hang a nice, steep zip line.

Beautiful Angel

Daddy and his princess

Issac giving me his happy campin' face!

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