Wednesday, August 17, 2011

I am amazed by you....

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This is my favorite wedding picture

I love this picture. My whole wedding day was like a dream. I remember waking up and thinking I never have to say goodbye again. As Scott and I were dating he would come and hang out with me at my mom and dad's house. It would be time for him to go. We wouldn't want to say goodbye. We would stand at teh door forever. Then when he left I would run to the window on our steps to watch his truck pull out. He would look up to the window and wave. He got in his truck, would honk three times (I love you), and off he would go. But after today, we would always be together.

I woke up and went to get my hair done, get dressed, have lunch, and head to the church. I smiled and laughed. At one point my rings were dropped or lost. "Chill out," I told everyone. Not a big deal. We found them. The cake fell over. "It is just a cake," I said. And trust me when I say this was not me. I am normally an anxiety ridden mess. No comments from the peanut gallery.

But not today. Today would be wonderful. Today would be the day I had waited for. I was marrying my best friend. I knew no one could ever love me like he did.

I remember worrying about that first dance. I normally hate it when people are looking at me. I was worried that I would be a mess during that dance when ...everyone is watching you. But not on this day.

We danced to "Amazed" by LoneStar. No one else was there. Just me. And him. And I never had to say goodbye again.


  1. This was our wedding song too! I love it and your pic

  2. Oh I love that--that you'd never have to say goodbye or good night. I felt that way too. It's such a nice feeling!

  3. Oh what a sweet photo! It looks like it captured your wedding perfectly!

  4. I loved that song! (Ok, I still love that song, but when it first came out?)

    You are always welcome to ask me for advice. I still don't think it's any good, unless it's about knitting. I know about knitting.

  5. So sweet! I'm usually an anxious person as well, but I floated around on cloud nine on my wedding day.

  6. So beautiful and such a great sentiment...never having to say good bye again!!

  7. I love the picture, but even more, I love the story behind it!

    Thanks for linking up!

  8. Aw, such a sweet photo!

  9. Thanks everyone! Loved thinking back on all the memories....