Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Dear Dog Owners,

Yesterday I was on my way to my SIL's house to help with VBS stuff. So I loaded up the troops and finally had them to the front door. A task in itself I assure you. So we head outside and head to my mom's car (since Scott broke his truck for now). Bella on my hip and the others marching beside me. I load Bella in and buckle her and go to the other side of the vehicle. When I smell it. An awful, repulsive smell. Sorta like, dog crap just stepped in smell. And lo, and behold! It was. On the bottom of Luke's sandal. And on the side of his sandal. And smashed in between his toes. I back him up to the side walk and gag.

I go into the house to get baby wipes. A little upset. I come out and clean him up. After an inspection, I see that Will is dog junk free but Rachel has stepped in it too. So I clean her off. All of this while Bella waits patiently in the car. I open the car door, and tell my children to please walk AROUND the pile of dog crap I am now staring at. The children do and get in the car. I get in the car. And I smell it. Sorta like, dog crap just stepped in smell. But I cleaned them and watched them walk around it? I pull in my driveway and examine children again.

This time, Bella is the only one not blessed with the gift. And Luke has somehow managed to get dog mess all over his shirt?? I think it was his sister kicking her feet into the air while entering the car and catching his BRAND NEW Buzz Lightyear shirt in the process.

And here is where the frustration sets in. I go to look in the front yard. Where my dog never, ever goes. I count SEVEN piles of dog crap. It seems my child hit at least half of them. This is where I can't explain it away. I understand it you take your dog for a walk and forget to grab a bag. It has been hot so you "forget" to come back and clean it up. But SEVEN times???That is just rude. That is someone who has no consideration for others.

I take all 4 kids into the backyard. I hose off all three of them. Luke was wet and crying. Will didn't get why he needed cleaned "It is only a little bit mom." And Rachel found this as one of the most embarrassing moments of her young life. I strip Luke naked and tell him to go get new clothes. Did I mention that #4 got into the pool during all of this and now was soaked? After I had 4 dog crap free children, I had to clean out the car.

I load all 5 of us in and show up late and flustered.

So this is my plea. If your dog must releave himself, please, please bring a bag. Clean it up. There is no "poop police" that clean up from your dog. And certainly my goodwill will fade after 7 piles. I thank you ahead of time for your help in this matter. Rachel does too.

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