Thursday, June 10, 2010

My Girl

I always knew I was going to have all boys. Could be because I was never a "girl" myself. I never teased my hair or tight rolled my jeans (Hey it was the 80's!). The one time I tried to dye my hair it went orange and I hid it under my baseball cap all summer. I was the girl who hung with the boys and felt more at home in a baseball diamond than the mall. I clipped my nails short as to get out the dirt. I knew I was never going to be the beauty queen and that was ok with me.

So when the ultrasound person told me that William was a boy, I was not shocked to say the least. And when I was pregnant with #2 I laughed when Scott said this one was a girl. I told him "I can't have a girl." Which medically speaking is crazy but to me it made sense. I would be a better mom to a boy. What did I know about bows and clips? When ultrasound person said "we have a little girl." I sat up and said "What? Are you sure? How sure?" She laughed and said about 99 percent. But things can hide." I left stunned but to be honest I was still thinking the baby was a boy. She could be wrong. When my church had a "pink" baby shower for me, I thought what am I going to do with all this when he is a boy. I actually looked at something purple and thought,"maybe he could wear that."

On December 14, 2005 the nurse handed me a perfectly pink little girl. And I just stared. Then I cried. And I said "Scott. She is a girl." What a girl she is. She is one of the reasons I know that God has a sense of humor. Because not only did he bless me with a girl, but he dropped the girliest of all girls in my lap. She believes her middle name is princess. Before she was 2 she painted her fingernails with markers. Right after she turned two, she got into a huge argument with me over which coat she would wear. She has told me "mom, that doesn't match." When we put on her lipstick for her dance recital I just hand her the tube. She took my mascara and applied it when she was 2 and didn't get a spot on her face.

On her first birthday, I took her to get her pictures taken. When my mom was looking at the pictures she said "Theresa, why didn't you put her in a dress?" I looked and said "it never even occurred to me." I did have a pink shirt on her!

This weekend is my baby girl's first dance recital. I say first because I am sure it will not be her last. I look at her in all her pink and lace. Her curls and her bright red lipstick and think about how she has blessed my life. My little girl who offers hugs and kisses with the occasional fashion advice. Sometimes in life God surprises you with just the thing you need. Something perfect.

This picture was taken this past mother's day. She picked out her own hair things and the necklace. She was not happy that I wasn't wearing pink. I tried to expain that black is slimming but she wouldn't buy it.....

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