Tuesday, June 15, 2010


4 more sleeps until the beach. I am not a good "under pressure." Ever. I like extra time. I like plans and lists. And I am behind. I also find myself becoming a tad bit cranky when I am stressed...for example...things that have irritated me the last couple of days...

1. Why do we not have cell phone service everywhere?? Seriously. I pay the phone company and insane amount of money and I should have service everywhere. In the middle of the woods, in my living room, on the moon!

2. Why are there so many "fees" on the phone bill, the com*cast bill....on many bills. You can charge anyone anything and say "fee!"

3. painting. We are painting the kitchen. I hate to paint.

4. losing things. All...the...time. My kindergartners used to love this one. OK, I lost my stapler guys. Who has seen it? Then we would all look until one yelled found it! But I lost my beach camping trip. The had everything on it. In specific lists. And broken down into what I needed to pack and buy. And I lost it....

5. junk- everywhere.

The list could go on and on. And I know I am complaining about silly stuff when I am on my way to the BEACH. But still. Some mornings are like that. And Rachel just came to tell me that Luke covered the table in jelly.

6. Jelly or children who paint in jelly

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