Friday, February 12, 2010

snow, snow, sigh

Snow.....That about sums it up. The snow is higher than my porch. I have sat down to write a couple of times but just feel blah. I feel like my mind is a jumble. I hate the snow. So depressing. We had 2 snow days this week. I won't get into the fact that on Monday I got stuck and dug myself (and the 4 kids) out with an ice scrapper. My husband has suffered enough- hahahaha. Actually I still had three strangers shovel and push me out...

Which brings me to being stuck again this morning. It was just me and Will. Will says "so what are we going to do?" I said "call your dad." He says " Don't call him! He is sleeping! Let's calls those 3 guys again." hahahaha Didn't want to get his dad out of bed. Needless to say, I called. Seems I was plowed in. And hit the snow bank. Scott wasn't happy. What can I say.
V-day is this weekend of course. I hate this "holiday." Like we need some stupid day to remind us to tell people we love them? Not a fan. Maybe because it is in February? I am not of fan of this month either.

At weigh in today I lost another 1.2 pounds. Yes I must count the .2. That brings my total to...drum roll.... 7 pounds. In 4 weeks. I am not excited. Maybe cause I am working my butt off. So..much...running. At least I am moving forward. And my fitness guru (aka bff Amanda) says that my body is going to really start shedding the pounds. Yep, any day now.

And just because she is MUCH cuter to look at than the snow...and I am tired of complaining.

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