Monday, February 15, 2010

Did you know... (with update)

that is a lot of infection in there? says my oral surgeon. I figured. Saturday morning I paid him a visit. I had my two left wisdom teeth taken out about a year and a half a go. At the time I asked if I should get them all out. "not necessary" I heard from the good doctor. About a month ago my right side of my neck began to swell bad. But I had no cold symptoms. Then my ear started to hurt. In my "nodes" there was "a lot of infection" from my wisdom teeth. "Why didn't we take these out last time?" the Dr asked me. I just shrugged. He also said you have flat teeth. Do you know you are grinding your teeth. Yep. And your TMJ is clicking really bad. I bet you have some joint damage. I bet that is causing you more problems that these wisdom teeth. So good news from the oral surgeon. I am scheduled to get them out in March.

And today I am taking all 4 kids to the Dr. Since I am off I figured why not? ;) But the coughing and snot is getting bad. At least Scott is home so we can ALL go together. And then Scott and I have eye appointments that were suppose to be done in November! That is what we do on our days off around here. Fit in appointments.

Since I am on 2000 mg of Pen. for my "lots of infection" I have not been feeling good. So I skipped my running for three days. I have decided to start back today. I may make it. I may not. Time to find out!

UPDATE** 4 out of the 6 of us are on antibiotics. Baby and Scott are still holding on. And we are expecting to get dumped on again by the snow. I am hoping for delay or cancel. I just don't want to drive on these roads again. So tired of it!

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