Thursday, January 14, 2010


Isn't marriage an insane concept? Before I was married I am sure I didn't think much into it. I know I didn't. All you think about is diamond ring, the right dress, the first dance, and what kind of cake to have. Sure I thought about what life would be like after the wedding. We would live happily ever after.

But a couple of months *weeks,uumm, days, cough* into it, you begin to see that marriage is not always all sunshine and roses. You have 2 selfish people (we all are people) trying to live together and make the most of it. You like the toliet paper rolling this way and I like it that way. You sleep with the tv on and I need it off. We have two totally different versions of the word "clean." Pretty soon you get to think, holy moly, single people have the life.

I thought of all this a couple of night ago when Scott and I were doing night devotions. We are doing "The Love Dare" day by day- 365 devotions. The name of the devotion was "Love brings Completeness." Here is a quote from it "The Lord knew before you were born that you would one day marry your mate. And in His design of your gender differences and uniqueness, God intentionally created needs in both of you that the other would be exclusively designed to help meet." I thought about this a lot. My mate (which is Scott) was made to meet specific needs for me. And I was made to meet specific needs for him. We complete a puzzle.

And then the next paragraph made me think some more. "The devil's desire is to use your distinctiveness to push you apart-to operate independently-as though what your spouse brings to you is unnecessary." Many times things are all in how you look at it.

I do the bills in our house. The bookkeeping I guess. Now, I could look at it like this is another responsibility. I am in charge of it all. Or I could look it as God made me a good organizer and planner. Therefore, I can help Scott by taking care of this. I am more experienced in this area so I can serve our marriage in this way.

Scott is much much better with people. I have social anxiety. I get very nervous talking to people. Scott can talk to sales people, bank people, or just about anyone. He is this part of us. The social one who can meet needs with other people. He could get frustrated with me and think what is her problem? Why can't she just talk to people. Or he could see it as a blessing that he has a gift that I do not.

The application of this devotional was pretty straight forward to me. Start looking for ways that my life is blessed because Scott is the way he is. Because he is the patient one. The one who can fix things and teach me to laugh and play more. Look for ways in which I can compliment him. I can think ahead. Plan for things. Even things as simple as doing the cooking.

Two pieces of the same puzzle.

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