Sunday, November 15, 2009

1 time a week..

Is what I seem to be averaging here. ARGH! I wanted to do this to journal life and such so I must start to do a better job!

On the exercising front. I have lost 5 pounds. Which may sound wonderful. 5 pounds in half a month. But I guess when you are looking at the big picture I feel like I should have lost more. Actually with all of the sweat (and tears) I feel like I should have lost at least 60!!! I can't imagine being a Bigg.est contestant and looking at hundreds of pounds! I am about 15 away from my goal. My first goal actually. I would like to lose another 10 after that for the summer. Ahhhh... Such a dreamer.

I have been doing ok on the exercising part. I do the shred everyday and about every other day or more in the tread. But the eating. I am so terrible at this part. My friend gave me a low carb thing but I can't do that. I don't know what to pack and eat for lunch. Those diet shakes make me sick. I have to work on it!

Will is sick. HE has been running a fever and throwing up for 2 days. An ER trip may be in the works. Rachel has started a Christmas list. She wants two of everything. Luke is doing quite well on the potty training. Mostly no accidents at home. Have not even thought about underwear outside! Bella is growing like a weed. She is seriously huge! Such a baby doll!

School is going wonderful! I am loving kindergarten. The kids are funny and you just have to have a sense of humor. I am loving what I am doing right now. I kind of let decorating my room go for Thanksgiving since I was on leave (although we have lots of scarecrows)! But for Christmas I want it to be exciting for them. I will put up my tree the day before we leave I think.

I am off to look up some recipes for lunch/dinner. I need some help!

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