Monday, September 28, 2009

Isabella Noel

My angel....she is perfect.
Born on Wednesday September 23, 2009
8:20 pm
6lb 15 oz 19 1/2 inches long
Couldn't be more beautiful

birth story to come....

Sunday, September 20, 2009

as we wait

So....still nothing going on. Now, I am getting frustrated. My due date is this Thursday. At my appointment tomorrow I know the dr is going to schedule to see me in a week. Which will be the 28th. Past my date. Already I am going to ask him what the plan may be for the 28th. I know I am not into induction-pitocin=hell BUT I will be on maternity leave from work. What a way to waste good days!

I don't know how I will get through my day tomorrow. I will want to know what is going on??? Did I make ANY progress?? Give me some good hey you are like a 5- why don't you get over to that hopsital?? haha

And last night I was up in the middle of the night with a sore throat and now my ears are acting up. So I am drinking hot tea and it seems to be helping. A cold on top of everything else. I know I am complaining. I just feel yucky.

In other non-pregnancy related news (as if I can focus on anything else!)-

Work- is going really well. I am LIKING kindergarten. I have a great great group this year. And I sing with them, every morning. And we painted with a marshmallow- and I made up a poem- and put them in the hall. I know- I am quite the k-teacher!! But truly the improvement I see in them already is amazing. Kids are holding scissors and pencils correctly. They are getting the letters and sounds. I think I am getting why people like to teach kindergarten.

Scott- same old, same old. work, work. However, he bought us tickets to go see Brad Pai*sley next month. He has 3 days saved for when baby decides to come. He can't wait to use them!

The kids just got over a terrible bronchitis. Hit Will pretty bad. He had to miss 2 days of school. But they seem to be over it.

Will- Mornings are rough. He is not liking this all day for 5 days. He does love his friends there and his teacher says once he gets going he is fine. He comes home singing the songs and we are going over his stuff. He is loving soccer once again. He got some goals and does a great job at defense. He smiles the whole time!

Rachel- started dance and LOVES it. And she looks like a natural to me. She practices at home!! Up on her "tippy toes" and twirling. She looks so sweet all dressed up! She seems to be loving her 2 days of "school." I have to call and try to get her into a more full time thing next year. I really see that pre-school helps so much!

Luke- started to climb up the wrong side of our stair case- almost causing mommy to have a heart attack. He is always covered in bruises! He runs everywhere and AT everything. He always is saying "I am tough." Well, he sure is! I have done potty training off and on but really now is not the time.

And perhaps soon, I will have pics of our newest little Isabella...soon...

Saturday, September 19, 2009


I am here. Still. This week is my last week of work. I officially start maternity leave on the 28th baby or not. My due date is the 24th. I was 2 cm last Monday. I have no signs of labor. I have an another appointment on Monday. How am I doing? don't ask....

Sunday, September 13, 2009


patience...I have zero.

I am a very determined person. I make lists. I have things to do. And when I have a project I get it done. I like getting things DONE.

So with this pregnancy thing I am at a loss. The diaper bag and my hospital bag are packed. Diapers bought, clothes washed and hanging, and two weeks of lesson plans are written and waiting on my desk at school. I have already pasted the date when I delivered Luke. My early guy. 37 weeks. Will was born only 9 days early and Rachel almost a full two weeks. I know there are no guarantees but I thought...hoped...this little girl would follow suit. Now as I was talking (whining and complaining) to one of my bestest friends this week, she said to know you are not even at your due date yet. This being the same friend that when I was talking (whining and complaining) about losing weight after the baby offered to let me borrow her "baby boot camp" DVDs. I love her but seriously? I need to reevaluate this friendship! hahaha..

But she is right. As always. I am not there yet. And this little girl could be totally different. She could (oh heavens..) be late. She could perhaps have an October birthday. And really as long as she arrives safe and sound I should be so happy.

But oh the wait. Tomorrow is an OB appointment. I would be lying if I said I will be heartbroken if I am at nothing. So disappointed. But soon she will be here. Soon.

Saturday, September 12, 2009


All three of my kids have bronchitis. Will has asthma and almost was in the hospital over this one. The last couple of nights I have had NO SLEEP. I listened to Will breath, the next night I listened to Rachel. They sound like they have been running...and they are fast asleep. Last night I fell asleep when the 8 was the first number. I was so tired. But of course Will and Rachel climbed in bed. So I tossed and turned. At 7 a.m. Rachel reached up and knocked my glass of water right over top of my head. I wake up screaming "oh my gosh!" Husband does not move! Doesn't even crack his eye lids. If your 38 week preg. wife is saying oh my gosh and jumping out of bed...don't you think you should check. He SAYS he didn't hear anything!

School is busy...I am huge...nothing else to report. My doctor was on vacation this week so no appointment. I have one on Monday. Hopefully some good news. Other than that I think I better catch up on the weeks mess I just left go. Maybe that will kick something up!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

You know that old saying...

...about when you have a child it is like your heart walking around outside of your body??Well, it may be old and cliche, but holy smokes on the first day of Kindergarten is it true! Here he is. My baby. 5 years old with a backpack on. New sneakers on and his BUS tag attached to the back??

I thought I was good. I thought I would be excited for him. I got up early and began to get myself ready for work. And I started to cry. At first I tried not to. But then I just sat down and cried. and cried. Then I had to get Will up. I wiped my eyes and went to get him dressed for his first day of school. Scott woke up to. He teased me about taking so many pictures. I combed Will's hair and noticed how bad it needs trimmed. Then we all 3 headed out the door.

Walking down the sidewalk. My heart was throbbing. Don't cry was all I could think. If you cry, he is going to cry. We stood at the bus stop and made Will laugh. He was nervous about getting on. Then he saw a K-friend he had played tee-ball with. He was happy about that.

Then the big yellow bus pulled up. Funny how I never noticed before how huge and intimidating the bus is. We kissed him. Told him we loved him. And he got on the bus. He smiled and waved. We smiled and waved.

The bus drove off and we turned to walk back to the house. And I lost it. Cried and cried. Scott looked at me and said "what the heck is wrong with you?" "My baby just got on a bus!" He.....laughed. "He will be fine." I know that. I know he will have fun and learn and play. But it doesn't make this part any easier. The part where I realize that really he isn't ALL mine. He will grow up. He has his own thoughts and feelings. Each day I am needed a little differently than I was the day before. He gets older and my role is changing. Ever so slightly, but enough for me to take notice. This is the part where entrusting him to God's care is real. I pray and know that God will have his hand even when I cannot. And because I believe that it makes this part a little easier. A little sweeter knowing that His eye is always upon my William. But he will always be my I will tell him on his high school front of all his friends....

Saturday, September 5, 2009

K- fun

no I didn't have time to up load my pics. And as soon as "icarley" wraps up it is bed time. So perhaps tomorrow. I did however get to walmart and have my hospital bag almost case anyone wants to make an appearance. But here is some K-fun for ya all.

Kindergartner "Mrs. Demi, what is wrong with your belly?" Mrs. Demi- " I am having a baby." Kindergartner- "Oh, why did you want to do that?" 2nd Kindergartner "Your belly gets bigger every single day!" ... Mrs. Demi "okay let's talk about the letter D."

Mrs. Demi- "Child's name, honey you REALLY need to stop throwing yourself into the wall. You are going to get hurt." Boy Kindergartner "I'll be ok." Another K student "Mrs. Demi, the reason I didn't hear you was because my ears are too small. Didn't you see the size of my ears?"

Thursday, September 3, 2009

still kicking..

All of us. ALL of us are still here. I need to post Will's first day of kindergarten pics. And stories of my first week teaching K-garten. BUT I am bone weary tired. Perhaps this weekend. I am afraid I am doing all I can to keep myself up right.