Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Going backwards...

In the beginning of this pregnancy, I was sick a lot. Not so much in the morning. Although my morning commute to work sometimes would make me sick...but I really felt horrible when I got home and the evenings were the worst. I didn't eat dinner for quite a long time. Then into my 2nd trimester I guess things improved. I really wasn't sick much at all. I wasn't tired much. I was really feeling pretty good. NOW, I don't know what is up. I guess moving into the last stretch but I didn't feel like it would hit 4 days into it!! I have been so sick lately. I get so nauseous in the car. Heartburn has been hitting like crazy. I thought I was pin pointing the food that was causing it but it seems to be everything anymore. AND I am getting so tired! Like I am walking back into the 1st trimester. I think eating small meals more often may help. And staying away from things I know make me sick. On the bright side, I am not really uncomfortable yet. The summer heat really has not been that bad (the cold is pretty depressing really), and my back is ok. AND my nerve that was bothering in my leg let up! So that is great.

Tonight was night 2 at VBS for us. God's love changes us. I got to teach my kids the baby shark song. Will was thrilled. And my kids were much calmer tonight. But Scott did have my baby Luke a lot. Tomorrow (Scott's birthday!!!!) he has to go on night shift ;( This is his long 4 day run where we won't see much of him until Sunday. I hate this part of the month! But with VBS and such I guess we will keep busy!!

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