Wednesday, June 10, 2009

What field??

Our "trip" was very nice. But it is funny. We found ourselves alone with not much to talk about that wasn;t kids related. After we both ran out of work stories, it always came back to the kids. Which is ok. Our lives really are kid centered right now. And it was nice to talk and laugh about them (at them, haha) without them around. But by the next morning I missed them terribly!

Scott is back to night shift and so I had to take Will to his tee-ball game. When we got there we discovered that someone had messed up the schedule and we were at the wrong field. I quickly packed all the other kids up and headed to the other field. 20 min late but we made it! After the game I let the kids play but then tiredness on all parts came about. After a pretty big melt down *by the 5 year old* we headed back home. Bath and bed! But now Will is dancing and singing by me. I hate it when Scott is on night shift. *sigh*

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